FBI Documents: “Terminate Bill Cooper’s Broadcasts”

The Documents: 1342596-0-Section-01-Imported-Media

February 2016, Freedom of Information Act request submitted by Kristan Harris of “The Rundown Live” reveals FBI surveillance of broadcaster William Cooper.

William Cooper was best known for his 1991 book “Behold a Pale Horse” in which he warned of the New World Order. Cooper was labeled ‘the most dangerous radio host in America’ in a Clinton memo, and would eventually be killed by police in 2001.

These unclassified documents prove the federal government went to great lengths to collect date on and monitor Mr. Cooper. The surveillance included undercover agents posing as journalists, monitoring his internet publishing at all times, and taking aerial photographs of his ranch.

Apache County Sheriff, Arthur Lee, was concerned federal agents were preparing a siege on Cooper’s home in order to bring him in. An unnamed deputy marshall is noted in the documents as attempting to serve him with a summons on June 19, 1998, only for Cooper to immediately kick him off the property. A United States attorney had granted permission to destroy items found in the evidence control room as well as all legal documents collected by Cooper.

“During the course of the telephone conversation, _______ (an agent) tried to persuade Cooper that he should deal with the federal court, but Cooper responded, “I don’t care about the system.”


Sheriff Arthur Lee is also noted in the documents saying he does not want a “Ruby Ridge” type situation in his county. Police would eventually come in plain clothes and unmarked cars in order to lure Cooper out of his home. He was referred to as ‘armed and dangerous’ multiple times and that “Cooper could conceivably call up 500 or 600 militia volunteers to give support if he feels he is being attacked.”

Page 73 states the VOA short wave radio was interfering with Cooper’s broadcasts, and it was suggested that the government add additional time on the VOA “which would effectively terminate Bill Cooper’s nightly broadcast.”

The full 176 page documents can be read for yourself, although it has entire paragraphs of information removed in some parts, classic ‘unclassified documents’ for you.

R.I.P. William Cooper

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