Leaked Bilderberg Documents 1954-2002

The Bilderberg Group is the annual private meeting of political, banking, religious, military, media elites from the most powerful countries who try to hide their true agenda from public scrutiny.

This is one of many secret meetings and secret societies (that we probably aren’t aware of) but Bilderberg did not get much press until 1999 and it has been around since 1954. While they now release ‘agenda lists’ there is still no full indication to the public exactly what they plan.

A few points of what I found in these documents;

  1. 1955 meeting in Germany discussed the creation of the Euro currency almost 40 years before it was introduced.
  2. 2002 meeting page 2 states they never record the meetings but only issue ‘booklet accounts’ and summaries to current and past members of Bilderberg.
  3. 2002 meeting states the desire to get rid of Saddam Hussein and how the region will become more dangerous.
  4. 1966 meeting emphasizes that “nationalism is dangerous.” (Of course because this will deter influence for a one world government).
  5. 2002 meeting states “an essential part of our strategy is an information war.” (page 10).
  6. A separate file of David Rockefeller’s 1965 speech in San Francisco to the International Industrial Conference saying “what we are is god’s gift to man, what we become is man’s gift to god.” (If you research the elite Luciferian ideology you will know what ‘god’ this is referring to).
  7. 1967 and 1965 meetings have incomplete documents and guest lists.
  8. 1966 meeting wanted to re-organize NATO and ‘coordinate world economic development.’
  9. 2002 meeting discussed regulatory changes in corporate structure, especially in America, to “create wealth for shareholders.”
  10. 2002 states “the EU (European Union) faces a fundamental choice, should it become a Europe-wide nation state? Or should it become a building block for a global government?” (Page 15).


List of some of the members who have attended Bilderberg: Henry Kissinger (former secretary of state), Queen Beatrix (of the Netherlands), Christine Lagarde (IMF director), David Peatreus (former director of the CIA),  Eric Schmidt (chairman of Google), Keith Alexander (former NSA director), Peter Sutherland (Goldman Sachs chairman), Craig Mundie (Microsoft Senior Advisor), John Sawers (Chief of Secret Intelligence – MI6), Anders Rasmussen (NATO Secretary General), etc.

Quick Links (to the most cited reports):

Bilderberg Meetings 2002 Conference Report Chantilly, United States


Bilderberg Meetings 1966 Conference Report Wiesbaden, Germany

Full List of Links to All:

Bilderberg Primary Source Material Academic Archive



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