Jeffrey Epstein’s Black Book

Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book in PDF, there are loads of interesting names in it such as Glenn Dubin. He is a billionaire financier who was implicated by one of Epstein’s victims, he’s been logged on Epstein’s plane (The Lolita Express), and is now in his little black book. I wonder how much of Epstein’s $600 million in unverified financial statements Dubin is responsible for.

More billionaires are found in the book, like Leslie Wexner – CEO of L Brands and Leon Black – founder of Apollo Global Management.

Did the ruling elite, who make a fortune off their sex trafficking rings, fear Epstein was going to make a deal? Or fear hard evidence would be collected against other wealthy and powerful individuals? Epstein rumors are that he recorded his flights on Lolita Express and had secret cameras on ‘Epstein Island’ for blackmail purposes. He had attempted bail at half a million dollars, it was denied.

Conveniently, 11 hours before the news of his death, another alleged victim (Virginia Giuffre) accused other powerful people of being involved such as Prince Andrew and former United States Senator, George Mitchell. Does his black book of names hold any keys to his ‘death?’

A short list of more names mentioned in the black book:

Henry Kissinger
Rupert Murdoch
Donald Trump
Prince Andrew
Bill Clinton
Chelsea Clinton
Tony Blair
John Kerry
Adnan Khashoggi
Bill Cosby
Ron Burkle
Woody Allen
And more…

Jeffrey Epstein Little Black Book


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