The Legend of William Cooper

William Cooper is a legend amongst conspiracy circles, the last of a dying breed who sought to expose the world for what it was. I would like to pay homage to the man who inadvertently played a role in my coming to God (even though I do not endorse everything he claimed, especially theologically – Bill did identify as a Christian), and to set the record straight about him, his claims, and his life.

Life & Works

William Cooper was a radio-broadcaster who gained attention mainly in the 1990’s for his show “Hour of the Time.” Cooper served in the Navy and in Vietnam, in 1988 he began to speak about extraterrestrials and UFOs from documents he claimed to have seen while in the Navy. To which he published some of this information briefly in his book “Behold a Pale Horse” in 1991, he would start his radio show the next year.

Despite no marketing whatsoever, his book still sells thousands of copies a year, and has itself become part of a conspiracy of its own. The publisher has removed and edited the book from its original format, scrapping the section involving “the learned protocols of the elders of Zion” for anti-semitism. Even though Cooper openly says to replace anything about the Jewish people with “illuminati.” And that he does not endorse the conspiracy that Jews run the world, that this is a trick in itself. So if yours is missing this section, it’s not the original.

In his broadcasts, Bill admits that he was duped into believing the things about UFOs and extraterrestrials. And so begets his famous line, “Read everything, listen to everybody, but believe nothing unless you can prove it with your own research.” His transparency elevated him, as he lowered himself to admitting mistakes unlike other conspiracy counterparts such as David Icke and Alex Jones of whom Cooper had public altercations with. 

His book freely admits, “it is possible that one or more conclusions may be wrong.” None of us are perfect or above scrutiny, some media has run with this line of thinking saying because he was wrong about aliens, he can’t be trusted with anything else he says. They have also attempted to tie him with such groups as QAnon, simply because his work was in their message boards. Cooper did promote patriotism but would not support QAnon’s ‘patriotism,’ taking from behest a shadowy figure in the government who is (supposedly) on the side of the people, which is exactly the opposite of Bill’s work against the shadowy figures in the government who are NOT on the side of the people.

FBI Documents

As Bill moved away from extraterrestrials he started honing in on these shadowy figures that control the world, the illuminati, the bilderberg group, the freemasons, etc. In one of his last interviews ever recorded, Bill explains that he now believes the entire alien subject is the greatest mass deception in the history of mankind. His broadcasts Hour of the Time grew tremendously and was catching the eyes of thousands, including the FBI. In mostly redacted FBI documents, Cooper was feared by the agency, and they sought to end his statements to the people by setting up a VOA program nearby that “would effectively terminate Bill Coopers nightly broadcasts.”

I have these documents and that’s verbatim, begging the question, why are they so concerned with the information he puts out? Instead of simply the tax evasion he was indicted for that supposedly peaked their involvement with Cooper? What does his broadcast have to do with it? Dubbed “the most dangerous radio host in America” is also a “huckster” according to the Wall Street Journal. But why would a simple huckster need to be silenced? 

This is the lingering ghost that haunts all those who seek to undermine the magnitude of William Cooper, there is no legitimate explanation of why there was a need of the FBI to silence his broadcasts. 

William Cooper’s Death

This is a greater linchpin than even his death, which possibly crossed and at the very least walked the line of entrapment in the United States. Late at night, authorities in plain clothes and unmarked cars, drove onto Bill’s property masquerading as rowdy teenagers. Cooper, after being surveilled for years by the FBI (the documents assert this as well), was known for a short fuse when it came to people on his property. He kicked a U.S. Marshall off his land in the past.

Cooper got into his truck, drove down the street to the “rowdy teenagers” and quickly realized the set-up was happening. He turned around and sped back to his home, swerving past a vehicle that did not get into position in time to block his return home. The authorities followed close behind, as William Cooper got out of his truck and made it almost to his front door, he fired backwards at police striking one in the head (the officer would survive). Police returned fire and killed him in front of his residence, sowing a martyr whether they intended to or not.

The LA Times article from 2001 writing on his death paints him as “a wanted militia figure” and inserts that the Oklahoma City Bomber was a fan of Cooper. Cooper was actually asked about this before his death and he replied that he cannot control other people and what they do with the information he exposes. Which is a reasonable response, the media wants as much negative view on him as possible.

Mark Jacobson, the author of “Pale Horse Rider: William Cooper, the Rise of Conspiracy, and the Fall of Trust in America.” states, “So that’s what happened to Bill Cooper. The thing about it was after he had been saying, ‘You’ll see, they’re going to come up here and shoot me dead on my front doorstep at midnight.’ He’d been saying that many times. So they did come up there and they shot him dead on his front doorstep and it was like 10 minutes after 12. So he missed by 10 minutes. If Bill Cooper was still alive, at least off everything I’ve heard from him, I think he would feel that this was a kind of logical progression of what he considered to be the secret hand of evil that was moving along to put these people who really didn’t deserve it into power and they would kind of roll the ball further down the road toward fascism.”

Socialism and communism are infecting America more and more, so Cooper is right in that. Most people know there’s something not quite right with the world, Cooper sought to show what that was, even if it did not lead people to the ultimate truth of God, it set many on the path towards it, and perhaps if he just lived long enough he would’ve ended up focusing more on that too.

To those who haven’t watched much of his work, or know much about him. I’ll save you some time and give you the final conclusion I reached… there’s a select group of people controlling the world, they try to play God without permission, they don’t care what you believe unless it’s in Jesus Christ and the Bible. Everything else is just a means to stop that end. 

William Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse. FBI Documents Originally Released by the Rundown Live. Los Angeles Times, 2001. Mark Jacobsen, Pale Horse Rider: William Cooper, the Rise of Conspiracy, and the Fall of Trust in America.


  1. “Police returned fire and killed him in front of his residence, sowing a martyr whether they intended to or not.”

    Beautifully said.

    Great post.

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  2. I never understood why Bill Cooper identified as Christian however it stuck with me along my truther journey until it all clicked into place and I also came full circle back to being a Christian.

    Bill was thorough in his work and such a big help in deciphering those who seek to deceive us.

    Nice post

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