PizzaGate – The Finders Cult

“The Finders” were a group of people who operated a child trafficking network in the northern part of Washington D.C. Two men were arrested in Tallahassee, Florida when six children were found with them which cracked open the case, from this authorities then learned this group “lived underground” but had many properties all across the Washington DC area, including a residence in Glover Park and warehouses in northern DC. The local police with the evidence they compiled from these warehouses wanted to broaden their inquiry, fearing a greater case of child trafficking, but the CIA steeped in and blocked further investigation. Why? As they would soon find out, the finders were very well organized, well funded, and well protected. Does this 1980’s cult have more to do with the PizzaGate of today than we think?

The Warehouse & The Farm

From the warehouse local Washington DC police and the U.S. Customs Service collected evidence such as children’s clothing, toys, diapers, and most disturbingly, photographs. The pictures taken were of children in occult rituals, children in chains, and children in a bloodletting ceremony involving animals. One of the pictures is described as three children with three men in hooded robes decapitating two goats with another photo captioned ″Ben finds Henrietta’s womb,″ and three others showing children playing with goat fetuses, one of them crying. This comes directly from the Washington Post’s own original journalism and the AP’s on the subject back in 1987.

This was suspected to have happened at a farm in Madison County, Virginia. A spokesperson for the finders (as quoted by the Associated Press) is on record of saying, ″We had two goats there in the summer and rather than just leave them there to starve in the winter, we butchered and ate them. We did it with the children present because we thought it would be a good learning experience for them. It turned out to be a delightful experience for them. We took pictures of the event and kept them for the children as a keepsake. That was what the police found,″ he said. There is no mention of why killing and dismembering a goat would be deemed “a delightful experience” for children, nor why the men were dressed in hooded robes, leaving many to understandably assert due to circumstantial evidence, that this could be a satanic cult.

Computers and software were also obtained from the warehouse, this revealed at least 40 men involved in the Finders cult, with the leader being a man by the name of Marion Pettie. He established the finders in the 1960’s. In the affidavit made to Florida police, the children stated, ″Mr. Pettie tells everyone what to do. He is in charge. We kids slept outside and the mommies slept inside. Men come to visit the moms and slept inside. The moms dress up and go out and do money jobs. Mr. Pettie weans the kids from moms.″ According to U.S. District Court records, before this a confidential police source had previously told authorities that brainwashing techniques were done on children there and that members had invited him to explore satanic rituals. Police spokesman Hunt said one of the children, a 6-year-old girl, “showed signs of sexual abuse” and that several members of the group used aliases instead of their real names. They also found telex machines on the premise that were connected to other locations across the country and throughout the world. At the residence of the Finders, investigators met a Chinese national with a passport for the entire year of 1987. They also found telex communication between the Finders headquarters and a Chinese Embassy in Hong Kong. It appears the telex communication had to do with two children who were purchased with intended to be trafficked to a different location in the world.

The Finders Documents

The children referred to a “game caller” and that they “were under control” of him, this is most likely referring to Pettie. Former FBI agent Ted Gunderson is on tape affirming all of these allegations against the finders and takes it a step further, he claims the finders itself is a CIA-front. “The Finders are a “CIA front established in the 1960s. It has top clearance and protection in its assigned task of kidnapping and torture-programming young children throughout the US. Members are specially trained government kidnappers known to be sexual degenerates who involve children in Satanic sex orgies and bloody rituals as well as murders of other children and slaughter of animals.” With all of this evidence and the request to delve deeper by police, the CIA took over. The CIA claimed they had made the case an internal matter, which almost never happens unless something is classified and needs to be hidden from the public. Or was Ted Gunderson’s claim correct that the finders had direct connection to the CIA and they didn’t want this getting out? We are left to speculate on this.

In 2019, documents were released regarding the Finders, in it includes evidence that children were being obtained for “unspecified purposes.” The CIA was aware. It gives validity to the separate McMartin Preschool case showing tunnel systems existing under the school. The ritualistic murder of the goats was painted as “biology class.” The game caller the kids describe is reminiscent of MK Ultra mind control programs. The CIA approved travel for those involved in this cult to various different countries. The CIA deemed this an “internal matter” and strictly advised against sending any information to the FBI’s Washington Field Office.

What happened to the Finders? The members who were detained for trafficking children were released. Despite overwhelming incriminating evidence, nothing happened to the Finders. From what we know, they continued to operate their trade without any repercussions or further arrests. Does the CIA have involvement in this? Knowing the locations and area of more recent PizzaGate allegations such as Comet Ping Pong and the incriminating e-mails of others in DC, is it not hard to construct that this same activity is still occurring today in the Washington DC area? Possibly even the same group under a new alias? This parallels PizzaGate emails, we have an abundance of circumstantial evidence warranting a greater one, no investigation is done, no action is taken, it is deemed simply as nothing wrong, then slowly forgotten by the public. Is this not the same thing all over again? We are still left to speculate.

In 1996, The Washington City Paper published this, “Apparently, the Finders did work during the ’80s for the government on a computer project, but only as private firm on contract; nevertheless, authorities say the case hasn’t been closed by any means: “The Finders matter is still an open investigation,” says John Russell, spokesperson for the Justice Department.”

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